Advancing your mission is our mission

About Us

Nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations are essential to the landscape of our society. They provide vital resources and innovative solutions to the unsolved needs of our communities. They have big ideas for making big impact. Some are just getting started, and are not sure where to start or what questions to ask. Others have been operating for decades, and are looking for new ways to extend their reach or maximize their impact.

For all the good nonprofits do, they also face unique legal and business challenges—and that’s where we come in. We provide specialized legal counsel, tailored to their needs. We counsel them on new and creative strategies to help them achieve their missions. And we steer them through their complex regulatory environment, so they can embrace new opportunities and avoid costly missteps.

We are committed to our clients and their causes, sharing in their mission and working together to contribute to their success. This devotion and focus defines and drives us.

We are leaders in our field, continually staying ahead of, or even shaping, what matters most to our clients, and offering innovative solutions for their legal needs.

And we collaborate with our clients, working as essential members of the team, listening and then applying our depth of experience in a very personalized way.

We leverage every bit of our experience and our unwavering commitment to assist our clients in all stages of their business and all aspects of their mission. After all, we firmly believe we accomplish our mission only when we help our clients accomplish theirs.

Our Mission

Schauble Law Group provides specialized legal counsel to support, advance and guide the work of nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations. We help them build and maintain the strong, stable foundation they need to carry out their programs. We guide them through new opportunities and challenges, so that they can maximize their impact and reach. We allow them to focus on their essential work.

Our Heritage

Established in 2008, Schauble Law Group (formerly Leaffer Law Group) was formed to make legal services more accessible to nonprofits; however, our story started decades earlier. Our founder, Karen (Leaffer) Schauble, practiced nonprofit law in some of Denver’s largest, most respected law firms for more than 20 years. With a desire to continue to serve the nonprofit community in the best way possible, she gathered a team of dedicated lawyers and administrative professionals to form a boutique law firm with a singular focus: serving nonprofit organizations. Our unique business model is advantageous for nonprofits. With built-in efficiencies resulting from our focused practice, we provide the depth and quality of expertise expected from larger law firms, but in a streamlined, nimble way that is responsive to client needs and industry trends.

Our Legacy

Giving back is embedded in our culture. It’s more than something we believe in—it’s what we do. We recognize the importance of community, the nonprofit sector and the legal profession, and believe it’s our responsibility to support and strengthen each of them. That is why we are not just invested in our clients, but the nonprofit community as a whole. We bring our rich history and focus to bear every day, for every client. And for those we do not have the opportunity to work with, we strive to strengthen the sector as a whole—for today’s nonprofits and for the next generation of nonprofit leaders. The challenging part of serving this important community, is that we always wish we could do more. So we leverage our leadership and focus by undertaking projects that reach and benefit as many nonprofits as possible. We give back by providing valuable resources such as:
  • Developing A Guide for Colorado Nonprofit Organizations, a comprehensive guide to the legal aspects of forming and operating nonprofit entities in Colorado, published by CLE in Colorado, Inc.
  • Providing legal review for the Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Colorado, published by the Colorado Nonprofit Association
  • Developing and reviewing curriculum for the Colorado Secretary of State’s five-module eLearning course for nonprofits
  • Publishing a Nonprofit Law Blog including in-depth articles and news briefs on industry trends and legal matters impacting nonprofits
  • Participating in social enterprise capacity-building initiatives such as the Social Enterprise Cohort, advising on social enterprise law for nonprofit organizations with strategic solutions for new sustainable revenue streams to support their missions
  • Consistently making community leadership and service a priority, serving in leadership positions with notable local organizations such as: The Rose Community Foundation's Professional Advisors Council, Community Foundation Serving Boulder County's Legal Committee, Colorado Secretary of State’s Business Entity Advisory Committee, and Continuing Legal Education in Colorado

We’d love to work with you.