Specialized counsel for the unique needs of nonprofits


Schauble Law Group provides specialized counsel for the unique legal and business needs of nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations. Our attorneys have advised hundreds of nonprofit clients over the past two decades, including:

  • Private operating and non-operating foundations
  • Trade associations
  • Community foundations
  • Healthcare providers and supporting foundations
  • Scientific research institutions
  • Educational institutions and organizations
  • Scholarship providers
  • Animal welfare organizations
  • Company foundations, charities and giving programs
  • Advocacy and civic groups
  • Community development organizations
  • Affordable housing developers
  • Spiritual and religious organizations
  • Arts, culture, and recreation organizations
  • Social service and humanitarian relief organizations
  • Environmental and conservation groups
Nonprofits operate in a complex and dynamic legal environment. We leverage every bit of our experience and specialized expertise to help our clients embrace new opportunities, while avoiding costly mistakes, in all stages of their business and all aspects of their mission. We counsel our clients and their advisors in the following areas:

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