Karen (Leaffer) Schauble to Present “Spotlight on Fiscal Sponsorship” at Institute on Advising Nonprofit Organizations

Fiscal Sponsorship is a tool increasingly used by charitable groups to come under the 501(c)(3) umbrella of another organization (the fiscal sponsor), whether on a temporary or permanent basis. On May 11, 2017, Karen (Leaffer) Schauble will present on “Spotlight on Fiscal Sponsorship: Ensuring a Relationship That’s Spot-On” at the Colorado Bar Association’s 26th Annual Institute on Advising Nonprofit Organizations. This session will explore the defining features and principles of fiscal sponsorship, evaluate the proper legal structure for a fiscal sponsorship using the two most common models, and examine best practices for conducting due diligence on and documenting a fiscal sponsorship relationship. Colorado attorneys working with charitable groups, a fiscal sponsor or a funder will come away with a better understanding of how a properly structured fiscal sponsorship represents a win-win opportunity for everyone involved, as well as how an improperly structured fiscal sponsorship can expose their client to legal and financial risk, and create an unnecessary distraction from their mission.