2013 Nonprofit Guide Supplement: Key Updates on Employment Issues, Social Enterprise

The Guide for Colorado Nonprofit Organizations, published by the Colorado Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education, has been updated for 2013. The Guide offers practical advice on a variety of issues that can impact a nonprofit organization, including  applying for and maintaining tax-exempt status; liability and risk management; intellectual property; charitable fundraising; and lobbying and political activity.

Schauble Law Group is proud to announce the addition of a new chapter, Social Enterprise: Opportunities and Considerations, authored by attorneys Karen Leaffer Schauble and Becky Seidel. This chapter highlights changing concepts around accomplishing mission including entity selection, opportunities for revenue generation and related risks and other considerations. In addition, the following updates are included:

  • New sections on disregarded entities and gifts to individuals;
  • Addition to Employment Law Considerations chapter, including minimum wage figure updates; revisions to drug and alcohol testing section, including marijuana; and updated discussion on health-care reform;
  • Full synopsis of the Colorado Secretary of State’s current practices, including updated websites and e-mail notification procedures, and online filing requirements;
  • Substantial update to Public Charities, Private Foundations, and Private Foundation Alternatives chapter to incorporate new law on grants to foreign non-governmental organizations; program-related investments; Type III supporting organizations and classification as functionally integrated versus non-functionally integrated; and IRS payout requirements;
  • Addition to discussions on government sales, and property in unrelated trade or business;
  • Substantial updates to exhibits for the chapter Merger, Conversion, Sale of Assets, and Dissolution ; and
  • Inclusion of Harbert v. ICAO within religious exemption discussion.

More than 20 Colorado attorneys volunteer their time and experience to help produce the Guide. Karen has served as the managing editor of the Guide since its inception in 2007, and Karen and Becky have authored several chapters. More information on the Guide and 2013 Supplement can be found on the  Colorado Bar Association’s website.

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