The Future for Nonprofits in Trump’s First 100 Days in Office

The first 100 days of Trump’s presidency are sure to bring changes nationwide—including ones that will impact the nonprofit sector. It’s expected that healthcare and tax reforms will take center stage during those early days. A more clear and definite picture of what exactly those reforms could look like won’t come for at least another week while Trump makes his cabinet appointments, and possibly as late as February when he’s expected to address Congress.

A definite issue that will be brought up is repealing the Affordable Care Act. While the Act in its entirety cannot be repealed through reconciliation, according to Heather Meade of Ernst and Young, “elements such as employer mandates and small employer tax credits” will likely be addressed, potentially creating change that will impact the nonprofit sector.

In terms of potential tax reforms, it is likely that Trump’s policies would lean on previous proposals to increase the standard deduction, which would in turn reduce the number of individuals filing itemized returns. It’s possible that this could have a negative effect on charitable giving, though an alternative view is that an improved economy would increase charitable giving regardless.

See The Nonprofit Times article for further information.

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