New Domain Names Available for Nonprofits

Certain nonprofits now can purchase two new web domains: .ngo and .ong. Public Interest Registry, the nonprofit that manages the .org web domain, has launched the new domains to be available exclusively for nonprofit organizations—unlike .org, which can be used by both nonprofits and for-profits.

In order to qualify for use of the domains, an organization must meet the following requirements:

  • Focused on acting in the public interest;
  • Nonprofit focused;
  • Limited government influence (e.g., self-directed policies and activities);
  • Independent actors;
  • Active organizations (i.e., actively pursuing mission on a regular basis);
  • Structured (i.e., operating in a structured manner under bylaws, codes of conduct or other governance structures); and
  • Lawful.

The domain .ngo stands for non-governmental organization, and the domain .ong is the translated equivalent for areas where Romance languages are most prevalent. The two domains are sold as a package. Visit the Public Interest Registry’s website for more information.

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