Nonprofit Guide a Valuable Resource for Colorado Organizations

The Guide for Colorado Nonprofit Organizations, published by the Colorado Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education, has been updated for 2012. More than 20 Colorado attorneys volunteer their time and experience to help produce the guide, which offers practical advice on a variety of issues that can impact a nonprofit organization, including the following:

•    Choice of entity
•    Applying for and maintaining tax-exempt status
•    Liability and risk management
•    Intellectual property
•    Employment law and employee benefits
•    Mergers and other major corporate events
•    Charitable fundraising
•    Lobbying and political activity.

Karen Leaffer Schauble of Schauble Law Group has served as the managing editor of the guide since its inception in 2007, and both Karen and Becky Seidel have authored chapters, as well. More information on the guide can be found on the  Colorado Bar Association’s website.

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