Shift in Governance Model Puts Denver Pet Partners on Path to Success

Denver Pet Partners delivers animal-assisted therapy services in Colorado. Since its inception in 2001, the organization has faced its share of structural changes including a recent shift away from a cumbersome membership model that hindered rather than helped them effectively advance their mission. By identifying and establishing the right structure for the future of their organization, Denver Pet Partners is now better positioned for growth, sustainability and success in the future.

Executive Director Diana McQuarrie will tell you that “ensuring our legal house was in order” meant building a more solid structure, and that required a legal partner to advise on all of the foundational elements needed to do so. Denver Pet Partners engaged Schauble Law Group for their breadth and depth of nonprofit legal services which included:

  • Conducting a high-level legal review of governance structure and operations
  • Establishing a priority list of actions to address optimal governance and risk management
  • Implementing a comprehensive shift in the governance model
  • Guiding the process of reorganization including new articles of incorporation, bylaws and corporate policies

“These items are nonprofit basics,” said Diana. “I worked hard with my Board because I believed it would introduce more rigor to our organization, and it has.”

Building the right structure on a solid foundation is essential for all nonprofits because it is important to fundraising and accomplishment of mission. For Denver Pet Partners, which is building a high trust organization recognized for its legal and ethical integrity, it meant something even more.

“Nonprofits face intense competition for funds so investing time and resources in the legal health of our organization has been an important step in how all our stakeholders, including funders, view our organization. If you want to be credible and ensure sustainability for your organization, having an absolute commitment to a solid legal foundation is essential to the overall strategic plan,” added Diana.

Mission Accomplished: With the right governance model in place, Denver Pet Partners is better positioned to continue making a difference in the community by enhancing animal-assisted interaction services and improving quality of life in Colorado.

Leaffer Law accomplishes its mission when they can help a nonprofit accomplish theirs.

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