Business Philanthropy: Sustaining Support After Disaster

Last week we shared our pride and support for how The Bohemian Foundation and our Colorado communities have stepped up to support our neighbors in Texas and Florida. As we continue to see heartbreaking news of storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters, we are reminded of the fall of 2013 when portions of Colorado were devastated by flooding. We know all too well what these communities are facing and want them to know we are thinking of them and wishing them fast and sustained relief.

We know that devastation like this sets in motion a cleanup and recovery period that will last months for some, and will continue for years for others. Although charities, businesses and entire communities jump into immediate action in situations like these, it is important that they think mid and long-term as well.

For us in Colorado, one element of disaster relief that was critical to the economic vitality of our affected communities—yet lacked a clear solution—was damage to businesses. Charities tend not to get involved in business-related philanthropy because the rules aren’t as well known, and tax laws associated with such support are often misunderstood, something communities facing disaster relief can read more about here.

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