General Nonprofit Law Presentations

As leaders in the area of nonprofit law, Schauble Law Group regularly presents on topics of interest to nonprofit organizations. Here are some of the presentations our attorneys have given on general topics:

Donor-Advised Scholarship Funds: The Rhythm and Harmony of Donor Participation National Scholarship Providers Association Conference

Scaling the Summit…Without Falling Into a Crevice: Legal Considerations for Scholarship Providers National Scholarship Providers Association

Charitable Reform and Scholarship Providers: It’s More than Academic! National Scholarship Providers Association Annual Conference

Legal Considerations for the Scholarship Provider (Reporting and Withholding Obligations for Scholarships to Foreign Students and Legal Considerations in Awarding Scholarships to Undocumented Aliens) National Scholarship Providers Association, Annual Conference

Foundations and Scholarships Foundation Tax Group, Quarterly Luncheon

Program-Related Investments and the L3C Connection Colorado Association of Corporate Counsel

Executive Compensation: Lessons Learned from IRS Audits Rocky Mountain Endowment and Foundation Conference

An Ounce of Prevention: Recognizing What Congress and the IRS Have in Mind for You HFMA Colorado Chapter, Annual Compliance Conference

Charitable Contributions of Small Business Interests Accountants’ Seminar 

Taking the “Excess” Out of Excess Benefit Transactions: An Overview of Intermediate Sanctions Accountants’ Seminar

Legal Update (Use of LLCs by Nonprofits, Joint Ventures Involving Nonprofits, Nonprofit to For Profit Conversions and Corporate Sponsorship) Colorado Society of CPAs, Annual Not-For-Profit Conference

Postal Privileges: Pitfalls for the Unwary and Recent Developments Lorman Educational Services, Public Charities in Colorado Conference

For more information on these presentations, or on general topics, please contact us.

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